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EGO Starter Kits- Smokeless Delite

It’s no secret that the EGO-T are great alternatives and that smoking tobacco cigarettes is injurious to your health. But what are you to do when you really don’t want to quit smoking? You know they are dangerous, but you like smoking! That’s where electronic cigarettes can help you. The all NEW EGO-T starter kits are becoming increasingly popular for smokers and serious vapers who like to drip the eliquid e-juice; you see them on the web, on TV, and in the mall – but many consumers are still wary and want to know if using Smokeless Cigarette is worth all the hype. The EGO-T is a device that attempts to mimic the act of smoking a normal cig but uses a tank system allowing you to drip up to 1.6ml of e-liquid nicotine e-juice. Using the EGO-T will produce large amount of vapor and allow you to vape longer, and harder with the larger batteries that come in the EGO-T starter kit. When using an e-cigarette, you will inhale a nicotine mist and exhale water vapor that feels, looks, and tastes like your smoking, but without all of the terrible long-term side effects that traditional cigarettes pose. So, you may think that ecigarettes seem too good to be true; to be able to still “smoke” without really smoking would be fantastic! We can assure you that the benefits to utilizing these devices are real and studies are proving that the use of nicotine alone does not present a serious health issue. With the ALL NEW EGO-T, there are no cancerous chemicals used and absolutely not tobacco either, just pure liquid e-juice nicotine. Our EGO-T starter kits are an environmentally friendly option as well as a safer alternative for your health and for the health of those around you. Join the millions who have already switched over to the Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette and started a better lifestyle by putting down those nasty cigarettes, and picking up the all new Smokeless Delite EGO-T starter kit. You can too, and with the cheapest prices on the internet, it is obvious why Smokeless Delite has been the leader since 2008!

EGO-T Kits From The Leader in Smokeless Cigarettes Since 2008

At Smokeless Delite we offer HIGH quality EGO starter kits with various color options to fit your style. You have the option to choose our EGO-T batteries in a black battery with blue led, a pink battery with a purple led, or a silver battery with a green led. Our EGO-T starter kit variety gives customer the option to customize their smokeless lifestyle, or choose the standard our standard white e-cigarette battery with red LED that gives it the exact look and size of a traditional cigarette. We stand behind all of our products and offer a lifetime warranty on all of our atomizers and batteries. If you are not completely satisfied with your Water Vapor Cigarettespurchase, we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days-no questions asked! We are so confident that we have the best prices in the industry, that we are the ONLY company that can offer this 30 day money back guarantee on all of the best electronic cigarettes that we offer on the internet. Buy our premium e-cigarette starter kits for 30 days, and if you do not agree with the millions of Smokeless Delite customers that we have the best electronic cigarettes, send your EGO-T kit back and we will refund your credit card! We want to help you attain better health with a viable smoking alternative, at the most affordable price! Now is your chance to start vaping like a pro with the ALL NEW EGO-T starter kit, and start dripping the e-liquid e-juice and start vaping more, vaping longer, and get the feel of really smoking!

Electronic Cigarettes At Affordable Prices With Premium USA E-Liquid

Smokeless Delite has been the leader in the electronic cigarette industry since 2008. We have been providing smokeless cigarette starter kits, USA made cartridges, and accessories to millions of users World Wide. We have recently moved into a new direction offering smokers the newest alternative to reduce their smoking and save even more money with our new EGO electronic cigarette starter kits. These new EGO-T smokeless cigarettes allow you to vape longer with larger and stronger batteries. The EGO starter kit also allows you to refill your own tank atomizer with the e-liquid nicotine of your choice. We have started with a few flavors of e-liquid nicotine and plan to add over 200 flavors in a wide variety of nicotine levels and great tasting flavors. The Smokeless Delite EGO kits also come with 2 full sets of smokeless cigarettes so you always have one charged. We have seen this industry grow and know how important your EGO clearomizers, USA e-juice, drips tips, and EGOT accessories are to you, and how fast you get your Smokeless Cigarettes. This is why we offer lightning fast shipping as well as priority shipping options to get them even FASTER. We will ship your ego-t orders out the same day if ordered before 2pm PST. We want you to switch from real cigarettes as soon as possible. We have also recently opened a vapor lounge and direct retail location in Simi Valley- Los Angles for you to come test our EGO-T electronic cigarettes, try our premium USA e-liquid nicotine, and purchase any one of our new e-cigarette kits right here at our electronic cigarette retail store and not have to wait for shipping.

EGO Starter Kit With Clear Tank Atomizer For Max E-Liquid Vaping

Smokeless Cigarette Starter Kits – EGO Kits Are The Best Choice

We have been the #1 provider in smokeless cigarette and mechanical mods because we offer premier customer service, extremely fast shipping,a 30 day money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty on all smokeless cigarette hardware. We stand behind our product because we have done years of testing to make sure our customers get the highest quality electronic cigarette technology and premium grade e-liquid that is made right here in the USA. Should you feel that your EGO kit does not meet your demands, simply send it back to our electronic cigarette retail location in Simi Valley and we will refund you, 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked. If you have any questions about your EGO-T e-cigarette or how to use it, come into our retail store or chat with us online and we will be happy to help you! We thank you once again for choosing Smokeless Delite, and continuing to make us the leader in the smokeless cigarette and EGO industry 5 years running!

EGO Starter Kits Are The Best Way To Save Money!