Tesla Black Electronic Cigarette Mod

Tesla Black Electronic Cigarette Mod

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Black Tesla Electronic Cigarette Mod The Black Tesla electronic cigarette mod is one of the most durable variable volt mods out on the market. If you are looking to step up from an ego e-cig, the Black Tesla Mod is a great variable volt mod that will last you all day with the battery life, and strength of this mod!

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Tesla Black Electronic Cigarette Mod

Tesla Black Electronic Cigarette Mod is one of the nicest mod for the price that is out there on the market. The Black Tesla has a great finish in shiny black with a triangular design and grooved ridges for the  grip. The black Tesla has a menu system that has the ability to check the ohm levels and battery life. The Tesla in Black has an easy to use variable volt system above the home screen that allows you to adjust the volts from 3.0-6.0 as well as change your settings to watts and adjust it from 3.0-15.0.

Black Tesla Battery Option

the Tesla Black Electronic Cigarette Mod allows to you put in an 18650 battery and with the ventilation grooves in the body, it allows your 18650 battery to be visible. The color of the battery will be visible and will be shown, so you can customize the look of our electronic cigarette mod with battery choice. The Black Tesla Mod in does not allow you to put in an 18350 battery because there are no adjustments in the body. The Tesla has the unique feature that is known as the rattle snake sound that lets you know that the functionality of the Black Tesla Mod is working and it is powering the atomizer tank of choice to its maximum potential. The Black Tesla Mod can give you ability to stack to 18350 batteries if you want, but it is not recommended. The Tesla Mod has a very nice OLED screen with a solid glass screen that gives you the menu system for you to turn the OLED screen on and off as well as check your battery life and OHM settings in your current atomizer that is screwed into the 510 connection. When using the Black Tesla E-Cigarette Mod, you can turn your device on and off using the 5 click feature. Simply click the large firing button 5 times rapidly to turn on and off your Black Tesla Mod.


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