Smoking Cigarettes Is Harmful!

The harmful effect of smoking and the environment are increasing every day. Smoking pollutes the air, water and land. There are thousands of chemicals in cigarettes and these chemicals are poisonous to humans and to the earth, land and sea. When cigarette butts are left on the ground they add to the mounds and mounds of garbage that takes forever to decompose. When buts are dropped in the rivers and lakes it pollutes the waters and it contaminates every living thing in the water. It can also affect our drinking water. there is no reason why smokers should continue to smoke cigarettes! It is time for smokers to turn to an alternative that gives smokers a chance at life and not let cigarettes be so harmful to their body, it is called smokeless cigarettes !

Smokeless cigarettes have been shown to be less harmful for smokes. Smokers are using smokeless cigarettes more and more because they are reporting that it is less harmful to them, and they can feel better when they use smokeless cigarettes rather than traditional cigarettes. The harmful effect of smoking and the environment effects nature in the most direct way. When cigarette smoke and butts are in the air or on the ground it affects the plants growing and the trees that breathe in the air we breathe out. These toxins are killing the plants and the trees. In some areas where the temperature is very dry fires are easily started and in the forest when it is dry a forest fire is easily started. With the help of cigarette butts thrown on the ground a terrible forest fire can destroy trees and the lives of animals and humans. It is time to put down the nasty cigarette butts, and switch to smokeless cigarettes, whey you can smoke them and not harm the environment and those around you.

Smokeless Cigarettes Do Not Burn, Not Harmful

Smokeless cigarettes do not burn, and do not use matches or a lighter to ignite the tobacco and the paper for the cigarette. Leaving smokeless cigarettes to be less harmful and a better option for smokers looking to cut back on smoking, or find an option that is suitable for smokers. When cigarettes are made there are acres and acres of land that is used to grow the tobacco leaves, this land could be used to grow food or something that could benefit so many millions of people. There are also so many chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed on these tobacco plants to keep the bugs and insects away. This causes so much air pollution to our birds and other animals. Another resource that is used up are the trees, the trees are used to make the paper that wraps the cigarettes and the packaging. The trees could be saved and used to keep our air healthy.

The harmful effect of smoking and the environment is that it does not allow nature to reproduce naturally; it stunts the growth of plants and animals in the sea and on land. The harmful effect of smoking and the environment is that it is killing so many natural resources, not to mention how many lives are destroyed by direct and second hand smoke every day. Smokeless cigarettes do not contain smoke thus not produce second hand smoke emitting from the end of the cigarette. Smokers families are happy because their loved ones are allowed to smoke their smokeless cigarettes indoors when they would be frowned upon if they decided to smoke a traditional cigarette indoor and harm those around them with second hand smoke.

Smokeless Cigarettes Do Not Harm Those Around Them

Smokeless cigarettes are being smoked indoors, in cars, in trains, in hotels, and not harming those around them . Smokers prefer smokeless cigarettes ten to one, where friends of smokers who have to deal with smokers smoking indoors, would rather not be around the smoker because they are being put in harms way from the second hand smoke. Smoking effects the smoker, everyone around them and the environment is such drastic ways. If the people that smoked only realized how poisonous cigarettes are on the environment maybe they would stop. Smoking and the environment do not mix; the earth needs a chance to survive if we let it. Isn’t it time that you put down the cigarettes and tried smokeless cigarettes, nobody wants to be harmed when you are smoking cigarettes around them, you can do it when you want, and where you want with smokeless cigarettes!

Harm Free Smokeless Cigarettes