Costs of cigarettes today V Electronic cigarettes

Due to increased taxes and economic conditions, the cost of cigarettes has gone up by a tremendous amount in the last decade. In the United States alone, the cost of branded cigarettes averages about $6 per pack across the country. In many states, the cost of cigarettes is even more. Six dollars may not sound like much, but when this number is multiplied, one can see how quitting smoking is not only healthy for the body, it is healthy for the wallet as well with electronic cigarettes.

The Cost of Cigarettes – Real Scenarios – electronic cigarettes

A one pack a day habit at six dollars a pack will cost the smoker $2,190 in one year. That is enough to pay a year’s worth of electricity bills contribute to retirement savings, buy a decent used car, or put toward a down payment on a home.

Smoking two packs a day will cost twice as much, but even if a person smokes just half a pack of cigarettes a day, he or she is still spending over one thousand dollars a year on a dangerous habit with electronic cigarettes.The cost of cigarettes can be counted in more than just money. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking is responsible for 87 percent of lung cancer deaths and according to a research study done by the University of Toronto, the Institute of Health Metrics, and the University of Washington and reported on Science Daily, smoking causes 467,000 deaths every year in the United States goign to electronic cigarettes.

So, when considering the reasons for quitting smoking, recognize more than the savings from the cost of cigarettes. Quitting and staying free from cigarette smoking can pay off in a longer, healthier life, free of oxygen masks, tanks and suction and going with electronic cigarettes.

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Consider the cost of cigarettes the next time you feel a craving for a smoke. You can save your life and several hundred dollars by quitting. If you smoke, find an alternative to smoking with which you can live and when you quit, please don’t quit “quitting”. Your bank account as well as your loved ones, will thank you for it to choose electronic cigarettes.