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” I used to be a pack a day smoker. Since I have started using Smokeless Delite smokeless cigarettes, I have gone from the High nicotine cartridges down to the Low nicotine electronic cigarettes cartridges in a little over a month now. I think I can switch to the Zero nicotine smokeless cigarettes cartridges in a week or so.”-

niels smokeless cigarettes testimonial Testimonials

Niels W. Age 55
Simi Valley, Ca


” I really like the flavors that Smokeless Delite smokeless cigarettes has to offer. To me it is like I am smoking flavored Hookah without all the chemicals.”-
krissy smokeless cigarettes testimonial Testimonials

Sarah M. Age 20
College Student
Florida State


” I used to brave the cold weather to go outside and smoke a cigarette when at bars. Now I just smoke my smokeless cigarettes at the bar and don’t freeze to death.” –
coop smokeless cigarettes testimonial Testimonials

Bill D. Age 28
Syracuse, New York


” I smoke a lot, and I can admit that. I often need to take smoke breaks at work, and lose precious time for work that needs to be done. Now I just use Smokeless Delite smokeless cigarettes when ever I feel the need. It’s great!” –
lori smokeless cigarettes testimonial Testimonials

Patricia L. Age 32
Marketing Maneger
Greenfield, Ohio


” I like smokeless Delite smokeless cigarettes because I can use it anywhere! I have even used it on the train. I had to explain to a few people what it was, and how it works. But when they realized what it was, they wanted to know where to get it.” –
me testimonial2 Testimonials

Sean P. Age 24
Retail Clerk
Millwood, Washington


” I just wanted to write in and thank you for this great invention. I’m no longer tied to the old lighter and match as you say! I’m now, 100% smokeless and I don’t even miss the old smelly smoke filled cigarettes. Thanks again for the freedom with my new smokeless cigarettes!.” –
old lady smokeless cigarettes testimonial Testimonials

Evelyn Rodriguez Age —
Miami, FL


” Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… I fly on long trips for business! I start off the flights great. But after about 8 hours on[starrating template_id=4 select=”] a plane, I’m ready to kill that guy next to me. I purchased your smokeless cigarettes  to help me keep from going crazy when traveling! It has helped and now I enjoy flying again!.” –

Tom Fednioti Age —
Dallas, Texas

” To be honest, I didn’t think this would work. I’ve tried everything. I was even hypnotized! But, every day I used to get up and smoke! Notice that I said, USED to… Thanks for making this smokeless cigarettes. I feel alive again!.” –
smiling woman smokeless cigarettes testimonials Testimonials

Melissa Duport Age —
Oneida, New York


” I’m a glutton for punishment! In 2007, I was diagnosed with cancer and had a lung removed. You’d think that I would never want a cigarette again. But, after about 8 months, I started up again. My doctor told me that I wouldn’t make it another year, so I started searching. I found your website and was ecstatic that there might be a healthy alternative. I’m pleased to say that I enjoy these smokeless cigarettes almost as much as the real thing. The doctor’s happy too!.” –

Ronald Geick Age —
Phoenix, Arizona

” I live in Anchorage Alaska… Needless to say, that I don’t enjoy going outside for a smoke at 8 am in the middle of winter! Who likes to smoke below zero in the dark? Not me! I found your website and now I smoke my smokeless cigarettes in my pajamas with my husband right next to me. He laughs at me a little, but I don’t care as I’m not going back out to that cold!.” –

Titi Hope Age —
Anchorage, Alaska

” Dear Smokeless Delite,

Your smokeless cigarettes are a thing of the future, but the most compelling thing I liked at Smokeless Delite is the unparalled customer support that I got from your company. You answered your emails right away about my smokeless cigarette questions, and I thank you for that!
surfer testijmonial Testimonials

Very truly yours,


” I just started using the Menthol cartridges for the mini smokeless cigarette by Smokeless Delite and can relate to the taste of actual Menthol Cigarettes. The best part is, my clothes don’t smell like smoke.”-
mid aged lady Testimonials

Marry S. Bourche Age 47
Dallas, Texas


” I recently had the opportunity to review the smokeless cigarettes by Smokeless Delite and concur with the revelations that this smoking alternative is a healthier device that can lead current smokers into a lifestyle that is carcinogen free without the additive toxins that traditional  cigarettes put into our body. The nicotine replacement device can leave smokers with an asphxiation similar to smoking, and if desirable, allow the nicotine delivery system by the smokeless cigarettes. I would inform patients, as well as friends and family that the smokeless cigarette is an alternative worth looking into!” –
doctor test Testimonials

Dr. Micheal D. Mensoin, Age 53
Private Practice M.D.
Los Angeles, Ca


“The smokeless cigarettes device is really working well for me and I feel so much better mentally and physically already.”
paul Testimonials

John Groves

San Mateo, Ca


I’ve been trying to quit smoking for two years now and the Smokeless Delite Smokeless Cigarettes is the only device I’ve found so far that seems to be aiding me on my path to becoming a nonsmoker. In the past I’ve tried the patch or just quitting cold turkey, both to no avail. Eventually, the cravings would always overwhelm my progress.

The smokeless cigarettes from Smokeless Delite is easy to use, is good in a pinch to satisfy my cravings, feels “ healthier” than smoking traditional cigarettes and , with its water-vapor-only discharge, is far more acceptable in social situations or environments where smoking has been outlawed. I can satisfy a craving at work without bothering co-workers, I can satisfy a craving at home without exposing my boyfriend to second and smoke; I can even use it to smoke in a restaurant or over coffee with friends at Starbucks without getting dirty looks from other patrons.

Since, I’ve started using the Smokeless Delite Smokeless Cigarette I’ve cut back considerably on the number of traditional cigarettes that I smoke in a day. In time, I feel that I will be able to transition fully to the device and use its incremental nicotine dispensation system of High, Medium and Low doses to decrease my dependence on the drug and eventually quit smoking for good. For anyone looking to quit smoking, or even cut back on traditional cigarettes, I would recommend this product as one giant step in the right direction.

Heather McDowell Age: 30
Smoker 15 years.

“I have been using my Smokeless Delite smokeless cigarettes and I have to say that this little device has given me the ability to smoke where ever I want. I get so many people that come up to me asking what that thing is, where do I get one, and how much do they cost. When I tell them the price of the smokeless cigarettes, they are astonished on how cheap it is!”

Kelly Sampson- South Beach, Age – 27