Are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Better than Non Disposable E-Cigs?

Katherine Heigl smoke Are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Better than Non Disposable E Cigs?

Katherine Heigl Smoking Non Disposable E-Cigarette

Most people are aware of what Electronic Cigarettes are.  What some might be aware of are all the choices you have when selecting your perfect Smokeless Delite”.


E-Cigarettes come in all colors, shapes and sizes.. and now in a disposable form.  Many have complained in the past about having to recharge the batteries, having to change out the cartridges, and not having a solution to use these on the go if the charge is not there.  So many e-cig companies have created an answer to this – Disposable Electronic Cigarettes.


But are they even close to comparable with a higher quality Smokeless Cigarettes?


Many say that the disposable electronic cigarette is of very poor quality, both in the smoke flavoring and in the overall device usage.  Most of the ecigs that you will find in a convenient store are of this same poor quality.  They charge almost 1/3 of the price for a reason. They are not the same type of product.  It would be like comparing a McDonalds hamburger to one you got from a famous local restaurant, just not the same.


Smokeless Delite prides itself in its quality of product.  This is why we are not in convenient stores and mass producing our electronic cigarettes.  We want the best for our users, which is why all of our electronic cigarette starter kits are thoroughly inspected and have a 60 money back guarantee behind them.


Something else to consider before buying disposable ecigs is the cost factor.  Your typical disposable ecig will cost you around $7-$13, and will only puff for about 1/2 of your normal pack of cigarettes.  So if you figure that an electronic cigarettes starter kit will cost you around $60 through $100, and contains around 3 months worth of cartridges, you are already saving a lot of money by choosing this product.  When you have to get some more cartridges, you simply enroll in an auto ship program or order them pack by pack as you begin to run low on supply.  The typical cost for refills ranges from $9-$15 and will last you well over a week if you are a pack a day smoker.


Electronic Cigarettes Today

Most of The people are aware of the term electronic cigarette. Most of them have used it too. However, there are many people that do not know about disposable electronic cigarette. This is a strange name, in fact. However, this is not that strange as you may think. This is a new method of smoking that is less harmful to the health and provides similar effect of using the cigarette. The disposable electronic cigarette is much better than the other electronic cigarettes. These are of high quality and offer better ways of smoking. These are meant to be used for some time and then disposed. As their name suggests, they can be disposed after use. They do not require be used again and again. You can dispose them easily after some times.
Today, you may find most of the people are addicted to tobacco. The addiction is harmful to health. In fact, in some cases this is fatal. The bigger problem is that people who are addicted to tobacco smoking are not able to quit it easily. The problem is becoming severe day after day. Many people have made themselves victim of various disorders caused by tobacco use. Therefore, some suitable steps are now being employed for removing this addiction. There are many products in the market that are available now days for providing an alternative way to tobacco addiction. One of the most commonly used processes for the purpose of removing tobacco addiction is electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is basically an electronic device that has the capability of producing similar effect as that of a usual cigarette has. The disposable electronic cigarette uses a certain amount of nicotine to it. However, this is not considered harmful to body because the inhalation of vapors is done in better ways. There is no harmful smoke that cause harm to the body. In fact, these are healthier to the body. The disposable electronic cigarette is free from passive smoking. Therefore, you can smoke anywhere legally. There is no production of butts or whiffs too. There is no combustion because disposable electronic cigarette is non-inflammable. This is enough strong to satisfy the nicotine cravings in a person. There are almost identical sensations while smoking this cigarette as seen in normal cigarettes. The only difference is that there is no harmful and horrible tastes and smells. One major benefit of disposable electronic cigarette is that it is much cheaper than that of the conventional cigarettes.


With all this information on why you should choose Smokeless Delite vs. a disposable Electronic Cigarette, now is the time for you to take action and start living a smoke free lifestyle.  Order from us today and get free shipping on any of our Top Rate Smokeless Cigarette Starter Kits —> Order NOW!